Saturday, April 2, 2011

Applications with a Touch

We are all aware of the common iPod touch/iPhone applications like Fring, Nimbuzz etc. But how many of us are aware of the other more interesting applications to save the day?
Below is a list of a few applications which can help you pass an exam, polish your vocabulary or some just plain-ol fun apps.


Planning to give SAT/GRE exams or simply looking for improving your vocabulary?
Accela Study might just be what you need.


  • The free version offers 100 useful words with the option to learn the words using the “study” or “flashcard” option.
  • The flashcard option gives the word and its meaning only. While the study option allows you to learn the word’s synonyms, hence giving you a chance to further enhance your vocabulary.
  • The study option also gives an example sentence so that the usage becomes clear to the learner.
  • Both the options come with the feature of hearing the pronunciation which is a great plus if it’s not just an exam that you are targeting.
  • You can also create your own study sets of selected words.
  • Moreover, you can test yourself with the “Quiz” feature.
  • If you like the free version you can proceed to buying more enhanced versions of vocabulary builder by AccelaStudy.

Need a dictionary on your device to assist when you need to find the meaning of a difficult word. Why not install the application of our favorite online dictionary?
The best thing about it is that you don’t need an internet connection for searching up words and their meanings. But you do need to be connected when you wish to use “Word of the Day” or hear the pronunciation of a word.
I usually read ebooks on my iPod touch and to find the meaning of any unknown word I consult this application. When I get done with reading I switch to the “Recent” tab to revise the words.

A lot of ebook reading applications are available where you can find a few free books as well.
iBooks is one such application and has been designed by Apple. But you have to buy books from iBookStore or transfer it in some way to your iPod/iPhone.
With a catchy interface of a book shelf and the stored books nicely placed face-up on the shelf. But the effect that really grabs attention is the slick page-turning effect which gives you afeel that you are actually reading a book and turning physical pages. To add more to this feeling, the application provides the readers with the feature to book mark a page. (More than one bookmarks can be added.)
Moreover, just like you will highlight or write small notes on a book, the same can be accomplished in iBooks with a few taps here and there.
Plus there are a few more features which are not a part of our traditional non-ebooks and these are changing fonts and switching background between Sepia and normal. Another interesting feature you wish you can have with hardbound books is the ability to search words/phrases in the book.
So, fix the brightness in accordance with the time of the day, change the background and font style in accordance with your mood and you are all set for a journey to the world of ebooks wonderland.

Enough about all the “parhakoo” type applications, let’s turn to some fun apps.
Reader’s Digest Jokes and Funny True Stories:
We’ve all enjoyed Reader’s Digest “Laughter is the best medicine” and “All in a Day’s work” columns. Then why not have them installed on your device to lift up your spirits and lighten your mood in dull moments.
The application claims to have a collection of 1000 funny true stories and jokes (I never bothered to count and confirm their claim to fame) skillfully organized into 13 categories.
55,000 Amazing Quotes:
Yet another application to inspire or make you smile is the 55,000 Amazing Quotes.
The application opens up with the search feature where you can search by author, category or keyword. If you are in the mood to simply read a few quotes without anything particular in mind, tap the “Random” button. You have the option to select from six different backgrounds and mark your favorite quotes.
You can also add your own favorite quotes to the 55K collection.
Enjoy these applications and use your iPod touch or iPhone to the max.

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