Saturday, April 2, 2011

Calibre Ebook Management

In order to read any book on iPod/iPhone, the book needs to be in a format called ePub. Calibre is a software used to convert ebook into different formats.

  1. Download Calibre
  2. Install Calibre on your pc. 
  3. Add your ebooks to Calibre (in any format PDF, .lit etc)
  4. Convert them to ePub Format
  5.  Simply transfer the books from Calibre to your device.
Not all ebooks come with a cover page. To change that, edit the metadata of your book and either let Calibre search for the cover page, provide your own or enter the ISBN code and give Calibre another chance to search the cover page.
(I usually search the book on and enter the ISBN code given there.)

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